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The Myers Detox Coaching Program is everything you need to begin restoring your health and deeply cleansing your liver, gut/colon, skin, brain, and more.

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LIVE Webinar Sessions to
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What makes this program so effective is that I personally coach you on a weekly basis via live webinars. I cover the most pressing questions being asked by members...

I take you deeper into the diet strategies (including my modern Paleo/Keto approach) and how to use them to fix a metal-damaged metabolism...

I help you pinpoint major mistakes and areas of weakness in your health right now, so you can avoid wasting time and energy in the wrong direction...

And I guide you through the latest technologies, supplements, tips, tricks, and protocols I normally only share with clients who pay me thousands of dollars...

All My Best Detox Secrets
in One Easily Doable Program

My team and I spent years gathering the best of everything I’ve come across in helping thousands detox and get well.

It’s all here, including:

  • My “liquid liver cleanse” — a potent beverage you can consume daily to help speed up your liver detox...

  • Why your liver is THE critical organ involved in detox, and mistakes most make when trying to cleanse it...

  • My “ultimate green juice” detox delight: you won’t ever want another green juice once you experience this!

  • How to detox your mitochondria, and why this is ESSENTIAL for restoring your energy levels...

  • The “citrus” secret that helps grab metals and flush them from your body...

  • Why most people drink the WRONG type of water...


  • The #1 problem with Paleo and Keto Diets (and my fix for getting better detox AND weight loss results!)

  • Why you MUST avoid these 10 foods at all costs!

  • How to hack your stress levels and multiply your ability to burn fat, at the same time...

  • The biggest secret for fixing your sleep, overnight...

  • Why many popular forms of exercise can cause WEIGHT GAIN—and the best approach to take for detox...  

  • How to replenish your missing minerals, quickly and affordably...

  • Are coffee enemas good for you? Here’s how to know, and the best way to use them...


This is barely scratching the surface of
everything you’ll learn in this program.

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That’s why I worked for over a year with my team to put everything in this program
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These guides are absolutely foolproof: you’ll learn what to do, how to incorporate
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