Why You Need Expert Guidance

1-on-1 Professional Support to Maximize Your Results

You CANNOT achieve true health unless you purge heavy metals and environmental chemicals from your body.

We want to help you:

Your HTMA Test Will Tell You Which Metals Are High For You.
But It Won’t Tell You How To Detox Them.

That’s where getting a professional consultation can be so helpful.

The Myers Detox coaches have many years of experience in providing personalized, individual assessments over the phone.

They are highly trained at guiding and teaching you about how to detox the metals you have your body.

Not only will this 1-on-1 session totally clarify your entireheavy metal detox picture — it will save you YEARS and a small fortune in lost time and money.

Your consultation will help you understand:

Unparalleled support.

Your practitioner can help you navigate detox pitfalls that some people have - this is especially important if you've had trouble detoxing in the past or have major health issues. You need support!

Unlimited email support gives you the option to contact your practitioner any time you need help, have a concern or have questions about supplements, how to take them, or how to implement your protocol.

The Myers Detox personal coaching program works because it is based in the latest detox discoveries and cutting-edge research.

Clients have reported:

Don’t Settle for Sub-Par Health.
Take back your health today!
Book a consultation that will change your life

The simple fact is that a healthy diet, lifestyle, supplements and exercise are not enough to achieve optimal health.

While you’ve made the right decision to get tested—the only way to maximize your results is to work with a renowned detox expert whom Wendy has personally trained and works with to interpret HTMA tests each month.

By working with one of Wendy’s coaches, you’ll learn proven, scientifically supported detox methods, nutrients, and protocols needed to remove metals and chemicals. Get the detox support you DESERVE!

It’s what you need to get the best possible results, TODAY. Click the button to secure your 1-on-1 consultation now: