Introducing a Rare Opportunity to Work
1-on-1 with Wendy

And ensure you FULLY detox all of the toxic metals robbing you of energy and youthfullness NOW

    Hurry! ONLY 10 Spots Available!

Whether your issue is:
low energy
stubborn fat
brain fog
brain fog
trouble sleeping
unrelenting pain
gut and digestive issues
low libido and fertility
weak immune system
low hormones
poor thyroid function
and more...

Nothing transforms your health
or changes your life as much as
removing heavy metals.

They are, quite literally,
THE most toxic substance
we are exposed to on a daily basis.

And no other expert has
spent more time mastering
all aspects of heavy metal detox
than I have.

For all these reasons,
I’ve decided to briefly make
myself available for
1-on-1 health coaching,
in conjunction with my
Myers Detox Program
with Hair Test Mineral Analysis.

About Wendy Myers


Wendy Myers is an expert in detoxification and heavy metals. She is the bestselling author of Limitless Energy and host of the Heavy Metals Summit. She is passionate about educating you on the detox considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developed a unique detox program. Wendy wants to help others do the same.

Praise from Those Who’ve
Worked With Wendy:

Ben Greenfield

Top Trainer, Podcaster,
NY Times Best-Selling Author, Speaker

“Wendy helped me to identify manganese toxicity that turned out to be due to my well water, which I thought was pristine! I then learned that this mineral interferes with copper regulation in the body, which can cause fatigue. Wendy is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her and her programs.”


Vanessa Nunes

Flintridge, CA
Model Consultant
Brazilian Supermodel

“I would recommend Wendy Myers over and over again for ALL HEALTH ISSUES + SOLUTIONS!!!! Wendy helped me wade through all the information that’s out there about diet and nutrition. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!"


Donna Gates

The Body Ecology Diet

“Everyone is at risk for metal and chemical toxicity today. Knowing how to detox quickly and safely is key and Wendy is one of the most knowledgeable detox experts I’ve met. I highly recommend her program.”


Because of My Intense Schedule,
This Opportunity Is Strictly Limited

ONLY 10 Spots Available

This is the ultimate
heavy metal detox coaching
and wellness program —
nothing else comes close.

Just look at everything you get:

1-On-1 Consultations & Ongoing Support with Wendy


personal phone calls,

and ongoing e-mail support

with Wendy

Hair Mineral Test & Analysis

Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis

interpreted by Wendy

to provide custom supplement

and protocol recommendations

to restore your health

Urine Metals Test & Analysis

The Urine Metals Test

provides key insights

into your toxicity levels -

results interpreted

personally by Wendy

Program Materials

30-Day Modern Paleo Meal Planner

6-Month Health Tracker

The Modern Paleo Cookbook

Kitchen Cleanout

Modern Paleo Shopping List

Supplement Guide

How to do a Food Elimination diet


Discounted Supplements

Receive 10% OFF

supplements for six months.

This will ensure you

save thousands of dollars

on supplements!

Phone Support

6 x 30-minute calls with me over a 6-month period

(a $1,250 value)

E-mail Support

Unlimited support emails to answer your questions

(a $500 value)

Online Programs

  • The Myers Detox Online Program videos and bonuses (a $600 value)


Hair Mineral Test

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test & Interpretation

(a $100 value for test)

Hair Interpretation

Your Hair Test results interpreted personally by me (a $600 value)

Urine Metals Test

A Urine Heavy Metals Analysis Test  

(a $200 value)

Urine Interpretation

Your Urine results interpreted personally by me

(a $600 value)

Discounted Supplements

A 10% discount on your detox supplements for six months

($1000's in value)

Locked-in Pricing

Your slot and pricing will be grandfathered in, so you can work with me on future heavy metals tests!

That’s $3,850 in value and,
believe it or not,
I’ve charged my “celebrity”
health clients
much more than that.

Yet, if you act quickly enough
to grab one of the available spots
to work with me 1-on-1,
you’ll make a
one-time investment
of just $1,999.


$3850 Value

$1999 Today!

Hurry~ Wendy ONLY has 10 spots LEFT!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is this program about?


A: It’s primarily focused on transforming and upgrading your health

through heavy metal detox, via testing, my Myers Detox Protocol

and personal coaching from ME. In my experience, heavy metal toxicity

is the hidden culprit behind SO MANY health issues, from low energy,

to stubborn weight gain, to accelerated aging, pain, brain fog and more.


Q: How is this different from other detox programs?


A: Unlike other detox programs where you’re a little more on your own
(or with a coach who doesn’t have my level of experience), this is about

me PERSONALLY guiding you every step of the way to ensure you get

amazing results and success. And nothing is more effective than my tried

and true Myers Detox Protocol, that I've honed after working with

thousands of clients and consutling and interviewing hundreds of

experts around the world on heavy metal detoxification.


Q: What problems will it help me address?


A: In all my years, I’ve never met anyone who was totally

clear of heavy metals. That’s because they are everywhere:

in the air, hidden in foods, environmental or household chemicals,

fish, mercury fillings... the list is endless. And the problem is, metals

attack your mitochondria (your cellular source of energy), damage your gut,

kill neurons and brain cells, wreck your fat-burning metabolism and more.


Whether you’re battling with energy or weight, memory issues, or even

a more serious health condition—removing toxic metals is nearly always

the best starting point. And it's typically the last place people end up after

they've tried everything else.


And working 1-on-1 with Wendy is the best way I know to guarantee you actually

complete this detox successfully. There are so many mistakes people can

make when trying to detox on their own.


Q: I see the price is $1,999. How is it worth that much?


A: The price is actually a STEAL when you consider everything you get:


  • The last and ONLY opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me:

    • - 6 x 30-minute calls with me over a 6-month period (a $1,250 value)

    • - Unlimited support emails so me can answer your questions (a $500 value)

    • - The Myers Detox Online Program videos and bonuses (a $600 value)

    • - A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (a $100 value)

    • - Your Hair Test results interpreted personally by me (a $600 value)

    • - A Urine Metals Analysis Test (a $200 value)

    • - Your Urine results interpreted personally by me(a $600 value)

    • - A 10% discount on detox supplements for 6 months

    • - Plus, your price will be grandfathered in so that you can work with

    • me forever, even after I stop taking on 1-on-1 clients again (priceless)

This is worth more than $3,850 when sold separately.

So already, it’s nearly 50% off the retail price.


But a better way to think about this price is to figure it against what you

stand to lose if you DON’T remove heavy metals and upgrade your health

with my help.


In other words, how much is brain fog and inability to focus costing you?

What is the price of waking up tired or feeling depressed because your brain

has been poisoned by heavy metals?


How much have you spent on diets or workout programs that will NEVER

work because your body is hanging onto stubborn fat—in order to protect

its vital organs from poisonous metals?


What is the cost of sugar cravings that sabotage your progress and

keep you stuck?


What kind of gains would you make in EVERY area of your life...

if you had 2-3 times more energy... the body you desire...

amazing mental clarity... and the confidence that can only come

from having your health fully transformed?


The answer to these questions, for anyone I’ve ever met...

is the value is worth much, MUCH more than $1,999.


So don’t think about this as a cost; consider it to be one of the

wisest investments you could EVER make in your health and quality of life.


Q: How long is the program and when can I get started?


A: It’s flexible: you can begin this 6-month program anytime you want this year.

Once you secure your spot, I’ll send you the details and info you need to

do your initial tests. And then, you can set up the start date with me

whenever it’s ideal for your schedule.


The only condition is we need to begin before the end of the year.

Beyond that, there are no other rules or requirements.


This is YOUR program, designed and personalized to work best

for your schedule and lifestyle.


Q: How do I grab one of the 10 remaining spots?

A: Simple: just click here and enroll using this link—and use our simple,

secure checkout process.


If you see that page live, it means that there are still spaces remaining.

Once you’ve checked out, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your

ideal timing and get started with your tests.