Mitochondrial RX

The Mitochondrial Rx line of nutraceuticals were developed by the leading scientist in Mitochondrial Medicine, Dr Michael Kucera. Dr Kucera along with Dr Baevsky were responsible for the health and well being of all the cosmonauts in the Russian Space Program, including the Mars 500 Project.

These scientists were called upon to discover ways to protect and preserve the cosmonaut's mitochondria from the intense and harmful cosmic radiation while traveling to Mars. During a 2 year trip to Mars and back, it was estimated that the cosmonauts would age on the average of 10 - 20 years because of intense mitochondria damage

After more than 15 years of research the scientists came up with the solution, a line of nutraceuticals that is proven through numerous scientific studies to repair and rejuvenate severely damaged mitochondria. There are no other nutraceuticals in the world that have the ability to accomplish this amazing feat.

POWER: The main ingredient in Mitochondrial Rx POWER is a special form of Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is an integral part of the cells organelles-mitochondria, which represent the “power plant” of each cell, as they provide about 95% of the energy necessary for performing life processes. Mitochondrial Rx POWER is a unique combination of natural substances providing maximum utilization of CoQ10 enabling its transport to cell mitochondria and passing through the mitochondrial membrane. 

REPAIRL-carnosine is the main active ingredient in Mitochondrial Rx Repair. Carnosine is naturally found in the human body with the largest concentrations found in the brain, heart, and muscle. Mitochondrial Rx Repair is manufactured through a secret proprietary process developed by Dr Kucera causing the carnosine to be highly potentized, allowing for maximum absorbtion and utilization by the body. 

CALM: The main objective of Mitochondrial Rx Calm is to strengthen the immune system with its unique recipe. A similar product does not exist. Combining Beta-glucan immunomodulators, antioxidant Chlorophyll, polyphenolic Flavonoids, OPC antioxidants, liposoluble Carotenoid, Lutein antioxidan, and Lycopene antioxidan, this immune strengthening formula can be used preventively or instantly when you feel the need. 

Suggested Dosage:

To be taken with or without food:

Upon Rising
Repair (Carnosine) - 2 capsules
Power (CoQ10) - 1 capsule
Calm (Flavonoid)- 1 capsule

Afternoon 3 – 7pm
Repair - 2 capsules
Power - 1 capsule
Calm- 1 capsule

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