Pure Effect: Ultra UC Disinfect

The Pure Effect ULTRA-UC-DISINFECT (undercounter / inline system): 5 Years in the making, this is our latest and most Advanced Multi-Phase Undercounter Filtration System, based off our international best selling ULTRA-UC model.  This is a World-Class, Professional-Quality Filtration, Disinfection and Revitalization Powerhouse, manufactured monthly in limited quantities due to the attention to quality and detail that each system demands.

The ULTRA-UC-DISINFECT is intelligently designed to replicate the condition of clean and nutritious water as found in pristine nature, it facilitates Sub-Micron UltraFiltration, Ultraviolet Light Disinfection (like the sun's UV rays disinfect water), Alkalization (with natural calcium), Ion-Exchange, Mineralization, Piezoelectric and Anti-Oxidation activity.

PHASE 1: (Chemicals, Sediment & Cysts) The 1st transparent blue/purple chamber which the water enters features our latest innovation, The SuperBlockTM , a 0.5 Micron Carbon block consisting of not 1, but 2 different types of Catalytic-Grade Activated Carbon, yielding the micro, macro and meso pore diversity that is not found in most carbon block cartridges on the market. This innovation results in our carbon block's ability to capture an unparalleled super wide-range of various chemicals, making it up-to 15x more effective than regular activated carbon blocks at removing Chloramine for example, and over 2x more potent than even some catalytic carbon blocks. It also provides nominal removal of microbial cysts and fine sediment about 100x smaller than the width of human hair, and is infused with the natural KDF55 media to discourage bacterial growth and fouling, which often happens with low-end carbon blocks.

PHASE 2: PRIMARY DISINFECT (Bacteria, Parasites, Molds, Viruses) Next, the water enters the 2nd chamber,where it is met with our absolute 0.05 Micron UltraFiltration Membrane. 0.05 micron is the optimal pore size to capture particles apx. 2x smaller than the smallest 0.1 micron bacteria, parasites, copepods and mold spores, as well as some viruses, while still allowing natural minerals to pass through. And because this Membrane does not need electricity to function, you'll still get bacteria and cyst removal with this unit during a power outage, while all other strictly UV Based disinfection systems fail. 

PHASE 3: (Fluoride)  The water enters the next chamber, where an entire cartridge is dedicated to Fluoride Reduction using our advanced FluorSorb-MAXTM (alumina-free, all-natural) media. It consists of Activated Carbon Bonded with a unique Calcium Substrate which is capable of effectively absorbing the negatively charged fluoride ions. This proprietary fluoride removal technology was developed by us as a result of over 6 years of research and far exceeds the commonly used Activated Alumina media in performance, efficacy and safety.

PHASE 4: (Radiation, Heavy Metals & Revitalization) As the water reaches the 4th chamber (4 additional phases within itself) it comes in contact with our proprietary AntiRad-PlusTM cartridge, which features the Patented KDF55 Media, Activated Zeolite Mineral (Purified, Non-Micronized, Granular-Form with No Heavy Metal Leaching), as well as Advanced Catalytic Activated Carbon and a Food-Grade Calcium media. The Zeolite we use is the same as being used by various nuclear powerplants across the world to remove radiation from their water.  This final phase significantly reduces heavy metals, radiation, algae, molds and additional chemicals, it completes the filtration process by revitalizing your water as follows:

PHASE 5: SECONDARY DISINFECT (Bacteria, Parasites, Molds, Viruses & NDMA) As the water reaches the 5thand final Phase, it passes through our Stainless-Steel Reactor Chamber which houses a High-Potency UV Light in Crystal Quartz Glass. The UV Light is fully sealed inside the chamber and emits a light wavelength of 253nm with a UV intensity dose of apx. 40mJ/cm2 (The optimal parameters to safely inactivate microorganisms found in water, including bacteria and viruses). *We recommend to use the UV light in situations of heightened concern (e.g. boil advisories, non-city water sources such as well or rain water for example.), otherwise, city disinfectants and our Primary Disinfection Phase via the 0.05 Micron UltraFiltration should be quite effective for normal daily use

*If you do not have Fluoride in your water supply, you will still benefit from this system, since our unique FluorSorb(tm) media in this system also addresses negatively charged radioisotopes like Plutonium and Uranium, providing a wide-spectrum of radiation filtration, as well as Arsenic and other contaminants, and, because it is a calcium based media, it helps raise alkaline pH naturally.

Optional Accessories: 2-Way Output Splitter (To Connect Fridge Line).  

Filter Replacement: Every 6-12 months (dependent upon usage) for consistently superior performance.

Apx. Unit Dimensions: 20" (Width) x 14" (Height) x 6" (Depth)

Filtered Water Flow: Apx. 0.5 Gallon/min.

Warranty: 2 Years

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