A Hair Mineral Analysis assesses your mineral levels and toxic heavy metal levels that are being eliminated into the hair. 

This test reveals toxicity for mercury, iron, copper, manganese, uranium, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, tin, bismuth, and much more.

Please note: ​all of the ​materials for your HTMA test are sent digitally (via email). None of the hair test materials are sent through regular mail. Your healing journey begins today!  


  • 1 Hair Mineral Analysis from Trace Elements, Inc. *
  • This test does not include a consult to review test results 
  • This test does not include supplement or protocol recommendations

*It typically takes approximately 3 weeks to receive your test results - counted from the time you put your sample in the mail until TEI returns your results to us and we are able to notify you to book your appointment.

If you would like an interpretation of a Hair Mineral Analysis and do a Myers Detox Protocol you can purchase that HERE